Week #17


Week 16: December 3-7, 2018

Narrative books are due on Friday. We will go to Young Chef's on Friday morning, and have our author celebration before the Cross Country team leaves. We will be reading each other's narrative books for our celebration!

Today we are reviewing the Mission Project Rubric. Students are going to tell me the mission they are choosing and what project they are completing this week. This paper is due on Thursday (mission selection and project description) and can be found in today's Manchester Folder. I am also attaching it to this email and it will be on our class website. Mission Projects are due on January 14th.

Have a great week.


Weekly Newsletter #16

Mission Project Selection

Mission Project Rubric


Week #15: November 24-28, 2018

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break! It was a nice rest to gear up for our last three weeks of the second quarter of fourth grade. The next three weeks will be filled with lots of activity. 

Mission Project Information was sent home WAY earlier than the actual project is due. I am sorry if this caused any confusion, but the goal was to get the information out of families during the holidays in case students would want to visit a mission as part of their project. We will discuss the mission project in detail in the next few weeks. I have shown the students some sample projects to give them some ideas. 

Mission Project Information 

This week students are working on publishing their narrative story. This small project is due on December 7th. Students can publish their stories in any way they wish. If they need any support from me (paper, supplies, computer time, printing), I can help with anything needed. Please read the Weekly Newsletter for more information about this week. 

Weekly Newsletter #15



Week #14: November 12-16, 2018


Week #13: November 5-9, 2018

I hope you had a great weekend with the extra hour of Fall we gained today! Attached you will find the Weekly Newsletter #13. Carnival was a great time on Friday. It was great to see everyone. A  big thank you to those who helped at our popcorn booth and with the silent auction basket donations.  I am sending information about our mission project that will be coming up. The due date is far off, but there are many holidays coming up. You may be traveling near a mission and want to visit as part of the project. 

Weekly Newsletter #13

Mission Project Information

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